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If we ever expect to reduce cancer rates, mystery illnesses, and chronic diseases that are affecting society at an alarming rate, we can all start at home by refusing to put harmful chemicals on our lawns season-after-season. Don't think they are that harmful? Read the warning labels. Ultimately, when deciding on a lawn-care program, homeowners should consider safety, heartiness, and longevity over ‘that’s the way we’ve always done things’ sort of thinking, which offers quick fixes, harmful side effects, and a chemical dependency. With organic fertilizers and environmentally friendly pest control, the soil condition is greatly improved, allowing for reduced weed pressure and dense, durable turf resulting in better weed suppression, improved drought tolerance, and increased disease resistance. Best of all, the resulting beautiful lawns and gardens are much safer for pets & people to enjoy! Effective natural alternatives to synthetic fertilizers not only do exist, they will cultivate longevity and beauty better than their chemical opposites. They are designed to prevent weeds, provide a deep green and dense lawn, and improve soil with minerals, micro-nutrients, and microorganisms. Unlike synthetic programs which require increased chemical use over time, organic lawn care becomes more effective with age.

smarter mowing

Mowing the lawn consistently at a higher setting (~3") is the best thing you can do for the common cool-season lawn grasses found in the Kansas City area. This is our most popular and basic lawn care service. It serves a two-fold purpose.  First, the cosmetic benefits can be noticed immediately. A properly cut lawn is something that is very pleasant to behold. The other benefits that come with mowing the lawn on a regular basis may not be as immediately obvious, but they are just as important. Mowing the lawn helps keep your lawn healthy and eliminate some of the pests from the grass at the same time. When the grass is cut, the hardiest and the healthiest shoots are the ones that do the best.  With every cut, the best shoots will proliferate making the grass much more visible overall. Another health benefit is that the fallen grass blades will help to fertilize the lawn. This plant matter composts quickly and revitalizes the soil underneath it. In this way, mowing helps to keep everything fresh and green!

SEASONAL maintenance

There are multiple seasonal services we offer, some of which customers choose to do themselves. These services fall into the categories of pruning, trimming, planting, seeding, mulching, and raking. The most important aspect of these services is not who does them, but that they get done in a timely fashion. For example, it is important to mulch fallen leaves in a timely manner. A thick blanket of leaves will block required sunlight from your lawn and will kill the grass. When you rake leaves and notice your turf has turned yellow, you have waited too long! Best practice is to not leave a layer of leaves remain on your lawn for more than a few days. And soon after the leaves are mulched or raked, another important consideration is lawn aeration. Lawn aeration addresses impacted soil, causing weak grass growth due impeded root moisture and nutrient intake. Along with lawn aeration, fall or early spring over-seeding is a best practice for most Midwest cool-season turf types. We're glad to handle your off-season lawn chores if you find your time best used in other ways. Whatever you do--don't neglect your lawn--it likes to be pampered!

weed control

Weeds naturally occur in every lawn, and in many cases they can add a subtle beauty to an otherwise rather bland lawnscape. Weeds are seldom big problems in well-managed lawns that are nice and thick. Proper soil preparation and turfgrass selection before planting are essential to give a new lawn a healthy start. Once a lawn is established, various factors can weaken it—such as, drought, soil compaction, chemical dependency, or improper mowing habits—which are the primary elements likely to predispose it to weed invasion. Activities that lead to compaction also contribute significantly to turfgrass stress, making it easier for weeds to invade. An integrated weed management program can reduce most weed populations to tolerable levels and prevent large, unsightly weed patches. Total eradication of weeds is not a realistic or necessary goal for most lawns; however, with proper maintenance an organic lawn will minimize weeds without the use of chemicals. If you really insist on having a lawn that is 100% weed free, we recommend this artificial turf (note background picture). Don't laugh! Artificial turf is a viable alternative for smaller lawns.




When it comes to lawn and landscape maintenance, Kaw Valley Window Cleaning & More is focused on the health and beauty of your entire landscape, which includes our world and making sure it is a healthy place for all of us, our children, and pets.  We do what is needed—applying eco-friendly solutions if available—to maintain a healthy lawn. We follow the principals and techniques of organic science as recommended by the Ecological Landscape Alliance among others. We strive to stay informed on improvements in organic lawn care, products, and techniques that provide you the best outcome possible for the health and well being of both your lawn and your family. 



By maintaining healthy, thick turf with a regular lawn care regimen, you benefit the environment in several ways.  Water quality is improved because dense turf dramatically reduces the potential for runoff and leaching.  A healthy lawn absorbs rainfall 5 times more effectively than a farm field.  Air quality is improved because turf traps dust and absorbs carbon dioxide.

Did you know a 50’x50’ lawn will create enough oxygen for a family of four every day?  It also reduces pollen generated by weeds, reducing the symptoms of allergy sufferers.  Soil quality is improved because healthy turf minimizes erosion.  Finally, turf covered areas are substantially cooler and quieter than hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or even exposed soil.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we do lawn maintenance, please let us know.  We are happy to discuss possible alternatives based on your specific lawn.





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