Q: Do you offer "no contact" services? 




A: Yes! You do not have to be home for any of our current outdoor services. Service fees can safely be paid online via our QuickBooks e-payment system, by check, or by mail. We sincerely hope all of you are healthy and well during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. We are taking all safety precautions as outlined by Kansas state and local government. Kaw Valley Window Cleaning & More offers professional window cleaning, lawn care and landscape maintenance.

Q: What areas of Kansas City do you service?

A: Our service area covers the suburbs and rural areas west of Kansas City. We service Douglas, Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte counties. We do not service Missouri at this time. You will find us commonly working in these fine cities:

  • Basehor

  • Bonner Springs

  • De Soto

  • Eudora

  • KCK

  • Lawrence

  • Lenexa

  • Linwood

  • Olathe

  • Overland Park

  • Piper

  • Shawnee

  • Tonganoxie

Q: What type of home maintenance services do you offer?


  • Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning 

  • Residential Lawn Care

  • Residential Landscape Maintenance

Q: Can I get a discount for service bundles?

A: Yes! 




  • 10% SENIOR CITIZEN discount (55+)

  • 10% ACTIVE or RETIRED MILITARY discount

  • PLUS! We pay you $25 for every referral that becomes a new customer!

Q: What type of payments do you accept?


A: We accept all major credit cards, mobile payments, e-checks (ACH), checks or cash.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, Little & Associates LLC (DBA Kaw Valley Window & Lawn Care) is insured for all general home maintenance.



lawn care QUESTIONS


Q: What is "organic" lawn care?

A: The quick answer refers to a methodology of using organic (and some inorganic) materials and methods for proper stewardship of the land. Organic practitioners believe that living things and all of its related components, the biomass, is fine-tuned to work well when properly understood and cared for. Many institutions worldwide are dedicated to the research, education, and practice of this view, which is understood to be a more responsible and sustainable approach to earth stewardship. Much more information about organic methods, science, and research may be found at the Ecological Landscape Alliance.

Q: What should I consider hiring an organic lawn care pro like Kaw Valley Lawn Care?


A: Although the price exceeds the DIY option, the benefit comes in more free time on the weekend and the joy of experiencing the benefit a professionally managed lawn that is both beautiful and healthy for everyone, including pets.

Q: What is your price and what lawn services are included?

A: A typical subdivision lawn ranges between $30 to $40, and includes mowing, trimming, sidewalk edging, removal of limbs and debris from lawn areas and blowing of grass clippings from curbs, walks, drives and patios.

Q: Do you require a service contract?

A: No. We work under a terms and conditions service agreement. It explicitly states what we do and sets expectations.


Q: Are there any lawn care tasks you don’t do?

A:  We offer complete lawn care maintenance. However, some improvements like sod replacement and lawn irrigation should be addressed by specialists in those areas.


Q: What happens if damage occurs to plants or irrigation systems?


A: If we damage anything, (irrigation, plants, fencing, windows, etc.) while servicing the property, we will fix it ourselves or pay to have it repaired.


Q: How often do you typically mow a lawn, and do you keep the same schedule?


A: Most properties are cut on a weekly basis, unless the property owner requests biweekly service. Lawns are typically mowed on the same day unless the schedule is adjusted due to weather and seasonal variations. For instance, in springtime, most of our accounts are weekly and then by mid-summer people switch back to every two weeks to save money.


Q: I do my own lawn care. Would you service my lawn occasionally during vacations?


A: Yes! We offer ad-hoc lawn maintenance that cover a variety of temporary needs.


Q: How many people work on a given yard, and does the same group return for each mowing?


A: I [David Little] personally mow every property and employ one helper if needed—depending on the size of property and service add-ons required. This allows me to check on the properties, meet with customers and make note of any landscaping maintenance they may need.



window cleaning QUESTIONS


Q: Why don't you use a scrubber and squeegee like other window cleaners?


A: If a scrubber and squeegee is the best way to clean a window, I will use it! However, I invested in a better way to clean the majority of windows. Read my fact sheet about pure water window cleaning here. 



Q: How much does it cost to have my residential windows cleaned?

A: For basic maintenance cleans we charge $5 per outside window. Inside cleaning is $3 extra per window. Deluxe screen cleaning (no removal required) is $2 extra per window. We also offer advanced water-brush cleaning that restores screen to like-new condition. Discounted window cleaning offers are based on window locations, condition, and total number to be cleaned.


PLEASE NOTE: Exceptionally dirty windows and/or screens that have not been cleaned in many years will require additional time and therefore additional cost to properly clean. For example, additional time and effort is needed to successfully clean heavily soiled windows, hard water deposits, construction grime, landscaping grime, and various stains, all of which require special tools and various solvents to clean properly without incurring glass scratches and etching. We always provide a no-obligation estimate.


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